iPhone or iPad Not Charging: What might be the reasons and How to fix it

iPhone or iPad Not Charging: Well many of you have been using iPhone quite some time and I am sure throughout the years, you might have confronted some basic issues like Bluetooth connectivity issue, battery draining quickly or Wi-Fi issue or charging issue which the vast majority of you may have experienced sooner or later also.

In fact that goes same for me as well, I have been experiencing iPhone not charging issue on few occasions. To be perfectly honest, on the vast majority of the situations all I needed to do to troubleshoot it was to just reboot my phone. Despite the fact that poor third-party accessory and pocket gunk or little bits of lint have played spoilsport on various circumstances also.

Only two or three days back, I found out that my iPhone 8 plus stuck at charging. Despite the fact that the charging pointer was appearing, my phablet was not charging by any means. It was the $1.5 lightning connector which was observed to be the genuine guilty party. Unintentionally, the exact following day I used an Apple certified Lightning connector to control up my new iPhone. However, once more,. Also, prepare to be blown away. This time around I could settle it just by restarting my phablet

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