If your meditation aims at relaxation, and the rest of your mind, you can be very useful ambient meditation music.

The pace of your life can be very fast, noisy, and stressful. But most of us can take a few minutes each day to relax, and listening to music to meditate is a great way to enjoy the now.


If you are looking for music that will help you increase the depth of your meditation, you need to use music that has been specifically composed for this purpose.


These specialized forms of music for meditation are made up of the principles of psychoacoustics of the mind (the psychology of sound), and are designed not only to relax but to absorb your attention and bring your mind into a state of deep meditation.


I am going to do an investigation to be able to show you some of this music that has been created with this objective so that you can enjoy it.


  1. Do not listen very loudly.

Music should not be dominant or intrusive, but rather a serene and comfortable backdrop to your meditation. Turn down the volume before you start meditating.


  1. Try using headphones.

Headphones are not necessary, but I encourage you to try it at some point, for two main reasons. First, they make you feel the music as if it came from within your own mind. If you decided to use music to meditate, you most likely want to become deeply absorbed in music, and the use of headphones really encourages it. Second, headphones help to block external sounds, which makes them very useful if you are meditating somewhere a bit noisy.


  1. Choose the right music.

As I told you before, if you want to meditate deeply, then I recommend that you avoid meditation music that is too “entertaining.” By this I mean that you must stay out of the music that contains percussion, vocal performances or a variety of instruments. Music like this could be great for relaxing, but it encourages a truly deep meditation experience.


  1. Relax.

Music for meditation can also be used before meditation, to help relax your mind. So even if you choose to meditate without music, you can take some time to relax while listening to music to meditate, as it will help you prepare for a deep meditation experience.

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